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Qu'est-ce que le Tsuke-men ? Le Tsuke-men (nouilles à tremper) est un plat de ramen dans la cuisine japonaise que l'on mange après les avoir trempées dans un bol de soupe séparé (sauce à tremper). Quand / Où ? Il existe plusieurs théories sur l'origine du Tsuke-men japonais. Cependant, la théorie selon laquelle Kazuo Yamagishi l’aurait inventé et commercialisé à TAISHOKEN (Nakano, Tokyo) en 1955 est la plus établie. Kazuo Yamagishi est né à Nakano, Nagano en 1934. En 1951, à l'âge de 17 ans, il a commencé à suivre une formation de chef de ramen dans un restaurant de ramen nommé EIRAKU à Asagaya, Tokyo. Pendant sa formation, il n'avait généralement pas assez de temps pour manger. Par conséquent,...


Histoire de Ramen

Originally a Chinese noodle dish, ramen made its way to Japan with the influx of Chinese people moving to Japan’s major port town after japan opened its ports to the rest of the world in 1859. Soon, Chinese noodle shops began appearing in major port towns. There, Japanese locals began frequently eating this early form of ramen. In time, some began to set up their own independent operations, selling noodles from carts (or yatai) on the streets. A variety of factors have contributed to the spread and diversification of ramen over the years throughout Japan. Post World War II Japan was a very poor country, and in December 1945 Japan recorded its worst rice harvest in 42 years. The occupying...



Kichijōji (吉祥寺) is a neighbourhood in the city of Musashino in Tokyo, Japan. It is centered on a compact but very popular commercial area to the north of its train station and to the south a little, with a full range of shops, restaurants, bars, and coffee houses. To the south of Kichijoji station you will find the Inokashira Park, a popular spot for people to escape the city and walk through nature while enjoying the atmosphere created by various street performers, artists and vendors. The area has consistently featured on best areas to live in the Tokyo Metropolitan area lists since the 1990s and placed No.1 on real estate giant Suumo’s annual survey in 2017. Inokashira Koen At the...